Can I collect GIS (GPS) data with Tangerine? What do I need in order to do this?

Yes, you can almost always collect GIS / GPS data with Tangerine.  

To begin, under the Assessment Builder section find and click “Add Subtest”. Under “Type” select “GPS coordinates”. When you run the assessment on a device with GPS enabled, the GPS subtest will find and store the GPS location. 

This process depends on a few things on the device you are using and where you are using it:

1. The device must have a GPS chip (common on most any Android device).

2. The device's "Location" services must be turned on (activated) and they must permit Tangerine to access them.  In your device's settings, you should be able to find a setting for "Location" or "Location Services" where you can verify whether the GPS service is turned on or not and whether Tangerine is accessing it.  

3.  You do not need to have the tablet connected to WiFi nor a mobile network in order to capture GPS data. However, as GPS data relies on satellite networks to provide you the coordinates of your physical location, the tablet user should be standing outside and with no cover overhead (such as a shade roof, tree canopy or thick clouds) to get an accurate GPS reading.  


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