Can I use Tangerine for surveys? What common survey features does Tangerine support?

Tangerine can and is often used to conduct surveys, often of the type that are used alongside EGRA and EGMA data collections such as:  Teacher Questionnaire, School Director Questionnaire, School Inventory, Classroom Inventory, and a wide variety of monitoring surveys.  

Tangerine supports a number of common survey features including different question types, skip logic, autostop logic, custom validation (setting parameters for types of allowable responses), and others.

All surveys have the option to include a consent form which facilitates aborting a survey if an interviewee does not agree to participate, and surveys can also be customized to vary depending on the location of data collection as indicated by the user. 

Tangerine also has a built in quality assurance measure that automatically determines the feasibility of asking Reading Comprehension questions based on the number of words attempted in the Oral Passage Reading subtests (i.e. the participant is only answering questions related to portions of the test which he/she has attempted).


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