Where is my Tangerine data stored? Who has access to my data? How can I keep my data entirely private?

If you are using Tangerine as provided by RTI International, your data is being stored on a server managed by our Tangerine team. Unless otherwise specified, this is on a webhost located in the United States.  The only people that have access to the data are members of your group on the Tangerine Wizard and RTI server administrators.

If you are using Tangerine as provided by another provider, please check with your provider about storage and access.

Your Tangerine data can be kept completely private by setting up a separate instance of Tangerine.  RTI can assist you with this process or you can access the source code and install it on your own server.  Please contact the Tangerine Team at if you would like to keep your data entirely private.


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