What if I can't get my tablets online to upload my Tangerine data? How can I backup my data?

When an Internet connection is available, uploading your data to your online Tangerine group is the best option for securing your data. This is, however, not always possible in low resource contexts where Internet connectivity and electricity may be scarce.

When Internet connections are not available, there are several ways to back up your data during fieldwork:

1. If you have a portable router (mobile hotspot) of some kind and are using multiple tablets (as is common in a team of data collectors), you can use the hotspot's local network to create backups of Tangerine instruments across all tablets.  See "Sync Tablets" in the User Manual on how to do this.  This process does not require Internet, and will create mirror copies of all tablets' data across all devices.

2. Backup your tablets' data to an SD card or a laptop. If you have a laptop, you can connect the tablet to your computer and make a copy of the tablet's app data (the specific steps to do this vary slightly by tablet, contact us for support).

If you don't have a laptop, you can backup your tablet data to an SD card in the tablet.  To do this easily, you can download a backup app for Android.  HeliumApp Sync & Backup and Super Backup are both good examples of low-cost Android apps that will 



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